SIA 2015 Technology Conference Proceedings




These are the refereed technical papers delivered at the 3rd SIA Submarine Science, Technology and Engineering Conference 2015 held at the Adelaide Convention Centre 17-19 November 2015.


PAPER 02    First of Class Training
Craig Cunningham

PAPER 12    Technical Skills for the Submarine Sustainment Workforce
Jonathan Woodman

PAPER 29    New Boats, Old Facilities
John Nicholls

PAPER 09    A Risk Based Approach to Life of Type Extension
Trevor Dove B.Eng(NA) C.Eng MRINA MIIMS

PAPER 14    Victoria Class Submarine Steering and Diving Control System Modernization – Operations and Maintenance Enhancements
Xavier Cyril, Lieutenant-Commander Charles MacDonald

PAPER 30    Implication of Sustainment in Submarine Design
Xavier Mesnet

PAPER 11    Future Submarine – Fire Risk Analysis and Evaluation of Emerging Technologies
Aidan Depetro

PAPER 20    Harnessing Developments in Battery Technology to Enhance In Service Submarine Capability
Dr Ian Watson, Harry Scott-Dempster

PAPER 10    Electromagnetic signature control for a future submarine
Alastair Ballentine, Dr Simon Topping, Stephen White, Dr Nitin Bhakta

PAPER 26    Signature Design Consideration When Employing Active Anodes in Free-Flood Spaces
A. J. Davis, P. G. Rawlins, C. P. Ganderton, S. L. Evans

PAPER 19    Co-ordinated Control for Maritime Autonomous Systems Derived From Spacecraft Docking Technology
David McKenzie, Stephen Webb

PAPER 01    AUV Launch & Recovery
Axel Panoch

PAPER 35    Power Converter built in Silicon Carbide Technology
Xavier Fonteneau, Loïc Pinson

PAPER 06    Application of the Naval Submarine Code for assuring the Technical Safety  and Integrity of Submarines
Harald Pauli

PAPER 36    Future Optronic Developments and Solutions for Submarines
Tim Klusmann

PAPER 31    Permasyn® Propulsion
Jan-Hinrich Lorenz

PAPER 23    Additive Manufacturing Technologies for Submarine Build and Sustainment
Mikael Johansson, Jack Atkinson and Laura A. Brooks

PAPER 16    Hydraulic Direct Actuator Drives – Conventional Submarine Energy Management
Alastair Plowman, Niall Skinner

PAPER 15    Health Monitoring of Marine Equipment
Niall Skinner, David Lofting

PAPER 08    Experiences in the Integration of New Capability into Existing Submarine Weapon Systems
Sean Williams, Dr Richard Drake

PAPER 04    Organisational Development
Mike Scarf and Robert O’Brien

PAPER 07    ATLAS Sonar System for Conventional Submarines
Kevin Brinkmann, Jörn Lachmund

PAPER 05    Advanced on-board Sonar Analysis – Response to Emerging Challenges
Roman Kosobrodov, Stephen Brown, Alfred Schulte

PAPER 13    System Engineering the Submarine Combat System in the COTS Environment
Clayton Langley, Dennis Cooper

PAPER 03    Modern Combat System Architectures
Piers Wren and Alex Scholte